Tomato Growing Guide

Published: 13th April 2010
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Tomatoes are among the most grown fruits in home gardens around the world. There is nothing to be surprised about this fact because there is nothing that beats the taste of fresh homegrown tomatoes and most of all, there isn't other fruit that offers huge health benefits than tomatoes. This article will serve as your tomato growing guide. There are lots of different ways to plant and grow tomatoes and there are lots of tomato growing guide out there. But one of the most talked about and innovative method today is the upside down tomato growing. Well, as the name implies, this means growing tomatoes in an odd upside down way. You can search for some tomato growing guide for more information about it.

If you are planning to grow upside tomatoes, the most basic tomato growing guide is to choose a tomato variety that will grow ideally in your location and will complement your weather condition. Tomatoes come in two types - the discriminate and the indiscriminate. Discriminate means that the tomato plant bears fruit and fruits ripen all at the same time. Indiscriminate on the other hand, means that tomatoes can be harvested all at once. If you plan to grow tomatoes in containers, the best tomato growing guide will tell you to choose indiscriminate tomatoes. The next tomato growing guide is to choose the right tomato container.

It is important that you pick a container that offers ample drainage. One good choice is the Topsy Turvy tomato planter. This comes as an easy-to-use kit and with tomato growing guide or manual so you can follow the easy step by step process on how to properly plant and install your tomato plant. Once you have acquired the right container, the next step to follow is to place your tomato plant in it, fill it with potting soil and then all other necessary procedures stated in the tomato growing guide. Once everything is set, place the container where it can get adequate sunlight. Follow this tomato growing guide and you are way to a successful tomato gardening.

Planting tomato seedlings in containers should be carefully handled. Tomatoes love the warm weather so you must supply it with warm soil where they can grow in and later on bear fruits. A good tomato growing guide is to regularly water the plant especially during hot summer days and windy conditions, but not overwater them. Fertilize them as needed and as instructed by your tomato growing guide. Ideally, tomatoes grow best at above 55 degrees during nights and below 90 degree during the day. This allows them to bear more fruit. If you are not satisfied at how your tomato plants are progressing, you can use a commercial spray that can induce the plant to set more fruit. Some tomato growing guide will even tell you to perform pollination yourself by dusting the plant using a soft brush so that pollens will transfer from flower to flower.

In case you plan to grow tomatoes in containers, here are some ideal tomato growing guide you can follow:

• Upside down tomato planter - Choose small varieties if you want to use this kind of container.

• Self watering tomato planter - This has a water indicator so that you can see whether the tomato plant needs rewatering.

• Tomato grow bag - This may not be the most ideal tomato growing guide but this offers effective growing tomatoes.

• Tomato cage - This is usually the partner of the tomato grow bag. This offer sturdy home for full-sized tomatoes

• Topsy Turvy planter - Who can forget this innovative tool? Almost every tomato growing guide recommends this tomato planter.

Get the best tomato growing guide and successfully maintain your own home-grown tomatoes. More tomato growing information and guides can be acquired at

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